The Presence and Power of God is within me and around me!

Today, I share God’s love, God’s beauty, and God’s joy everywhere I go.

I am RICH with God’s blessings today and every day – so I give them freely and effortlessly.

I am prosperity, I am success, I am richness. I am abundance.

Whatever I think up in my mind manifest for the world and universe. All of my good appears in front of me easily and effortlessly in love and peace.

Today, I count my blessings and enjoy every moment. My life is full of joy and filled with supporting energy. My Source, God, satisfies my needs and desires with grace and love.

I rejoice and enjoy every moment. I continue to receive great richness in my life. I am successful in all that I do and encounter.

I am grateful. I am pleased. I am rich beyond measure. With deep gratitude, acceptance, and appreciation I praise Almighty God.

I know it is so in my life. I declare it to be so.

And so it is. Amen.

Minister Peter Ripley


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So, for those of you who check in from time to time, understand hat I have been on a natural hair journey. A journey which comes with many personal revelation, and its own inner confidence builder. Being confident with what Gods blessed you with. Being happy, nappy!

From years of wearing weaves, tight braiding track, and for one who already has fine hair, i'd experienced severe hair loss. Around my hairline edges, and pretty much thru out my entire head.. Henceforth the VIVISCAL HAIR GROWTH


This herbal hair pill is natural, containing the natural things your hair scalp needs to produce healthy hair growth cycle.
Vivscal is to be taken twice a day with a meal. Now, I have made a personal choice to take 10kgrm of Biotin pills as well (i needed a push). I am a witness , that my Nails, & hair, and I mean armpit hair, eyebrows, have all increased dramatically since taking viviscal regularly.

The recommended time for results? 6 months.. I was able to see results, after 3 months!
Viviscal can be purchased at your local Walgreens, & Target.
Check around, this product will be well worth the travel. Sold @ $50 for 60pills per box trust me when I say its worth the sacrafice..



See GOD in Everything!

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I have a dream is probably quoted a million times today, as we commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin L King. But, has the Dream Become a Nitemare?

Many will stand and proclaim freedom which we as african americans should greater appreciate & honor. In the same Breathe many may Cry Freedom, as we also holla “Bitch Betta have my $$! ”

Has the Dream of equal opportunity open the door for our young men to no longer be expected to open doors for ladies as gentlemen should as doors close ?

Has the Dream Become a Nitemare ?

Our young lady’s who would fight over referencing them as a bitch, now embrace the term as endearing?

Does the truth still remain that : as sisista thinketh; so is she!

Thru music your children sing songs like “bitches & bottles.” Reflected in video, and television reality where the world sees sistas at odds, disrespecting one another, throwing glass, and azz… azz we, refer to it as “entertain- ment” ?

Crime against one another from wall st. to mlk blvd. Human kind is turning from love to fear. Even Love still needs Love today, and our people of all colors, creed, nationalities must unite, respect difference, and work for your sistas common good.

The Freedom that was fought for us, has given Freedom in many things. Free to choose what is right over whats wrong. Free to choose the challenges in life knowing that the rewards are greater! FREEDOM

Yet, we remain in mental bondages, physical bondages, bondages of excessive debt , spiritual bondages. Bondages of “get mo!” & Bondages of “want mo!”

Slavery & Bondages … much greater than slaves with shackles on our feet.

Have you ever thought: if ML KING would think his death was worth the sacrifice he made?

Has the Dream become a Nitemare?


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 Happy New Year 

To my amazing blog community, I send to you a Great Big, I appreciate YOU..  Your comments,  your opinions, some funny, some totally “off”, but to you I owe a Big thank You.

Continue to share you opinions and thoughts as we continue to share in our growth, spiritually, physically, and naturally.   Nope, I’m not an expert,  but I know how to get the Lesson, from what I go thru..

Join me as I go thru my Journey in 2013…

Lessons come in all packages when you pay attention. Just watch the cincranicity of the birds when the fly south for winter.
They never fight? Never bicker? But are In order, on 1accord! Maybe this is why they get to their destinations, empowered! Because they flew together!

An open hand will provide a good Slap! But ball the fingers up close & tight? You strike a Mighty Blow!
Support someones event, function, or just take a moment to encourage someone else!

Unify or Die!

Support your Sistas!! & Your sistas will support You too!


Too many if my beloved sistas fall in luv with the fact that someone will calidate us thru marriage. make us whole.
“Save a hoe!”. We convince ourselves that this man is our soulmate, husband, life companion, and this guy has not given YOU a TITLE at all…

So you tell me your engaged to ve married, and the hut you claim as your husband has NO CLUE!

I just wanted to share with you of my sistas in this natural hair journey how to overcome some if those heat damaged straight ends, that just won’t seem to curl!

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Once upon a time,

There was a mother, who’s teenage daughter was the midst of making life choices. She watched as her daughter struggled with fitting in. Where did she fit in? Who was she welcomed by? The mother truly understood her plight, and decided to teach her a valuable life lesson.

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Okay, I must admit, I’ve finally taken time to answer many of your comments, show love to your businesses, and debate over our beliefs, and unbeliefs. Read the rest of this entry


So, in the midst of this transition, Ive had many thoughts , feelings and emotions. I’ve shared interesting conversations with those within, and without the natural hair sistahood. I’ve realized many things about living more natural, I even noticed the war it created within Me, continuing keeping me in fear, asking, “Am I good enuf in my natural state?”

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Merciful and Almighty God, I thank You.

I thank You, God, for being the love that surrounds me at all times reminding me that I am safe, protected and cared for.
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